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How much does it cost to open a restaurant?

Are your dreaming about opening your own restaurant but not sure how to actually make it happen?

Restaurant Launcher has the tools you need to plan your restaurant, budget for opening expenses, and engineer your business to make a profit.

Design your restaurant and get results free!

Use Restaurant Builder Lite, our free online tool, to calculate your opening expenses and operating report. Fine tune your restaurant until you’re satisfied. Instantly calculate:

  • Guest counts for each meal period
  • Annual revenue
  • Annual cost of goods
  • Annual labor expense
  • Annual operating expense
  • Annual net profit
  • Opening expenses including
    • Construction, furniture & equipment
    • Concept development & labor
    • Licenses & permits, fees, professional services
    • Operating capital

Are you ready to get serious about your restaurant?
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Join the Launch Lab to access Restaurant Builder Pro and you will have greater control over all of the variables affecting your restaurant. Adjust menu prices, hours of operation, and guest volume for each meal period and each day. Experiment with raising or lowering prices, adding weekend brunch, or closing every Monday. As always, results are calculated instantly and you’ll see even more analysis. Restaurant Builder Pro includes all of the preview calculations available in Restaurant Builder Lite plus:

  • Check averages for each meal period based on menu pricing and guest buying patterns
  • Valuable performance metrics:
    • Sales per square foot
    • Sales to investment ratio
    • Years until profitable
  • Expert guidance on how to improve your results and build a profitable restaurant.
  • Save your progress, including different versions of your restaurant or even completely different concepts.
  • Ask unlimited questions via chat or email – priority customer service from restaurant consultants

Join the Launch Lab now – free for 7 days, then only $18.99/month!

Restaurant Builder Pro Video Preview

Your Launch Lab membership includes the ability to purchase custom financial model reports calculated for your restaurant. These reports are essential to use in guiding your restaurant opening, and can be used in your business plan, budgeting, and first few years of operations. Only purchase when you are ready and every purchase comes with two free revisions! We will guide you through the changes you need to make and help you to steer clear of common mistakes. Our goal is to set you up for success. This complete package of financial reports is available for only $299 – thousands less than other restaurant consultants charge.

Your financial model report contains these essential documents:

An example of the Sales Report, with charts and graphs that break down the annual sales per meal period and per category.

Sales Report

Highlights the key metrics that restaurant industry experts use to understand the financial health of a restaurant, including:

  • sales per guest,
  • average guest count,
  • sales by meal period,
  • sales by category,
  • sales to investment ratio,
  • sales per square foot,
  • sales per seat and more.
An example of the Opening Expenses report, with budget amounts for many expense categories, a dollar per square foot calculation, and expressed as a percentage of the overall budget.

Opening Expenses

Calculate how much you will needit costs to open the restaurant you’ve been dreaming about, including budget amounts for:

  • construction,
  • design,
  • furniture,
  • fixtures,
  • equipment,
  • payroll,
  • audio/visual equipment,
  • and 10 other opening expense categories.
An example of the financial projections report, with columns for 5 years and a detailed chart of accounts.

Sales Projections

A detailed guide to how your restaurant should perform once it is open. It includes every revenue and expense category you will need to understand your business and how it operates. We include 5 years of profit and loss projections to show your:

  • revenue,
  • food cost,
  • labor expense,
  • direct operating expenses,
  • indirect operating expenses,
  • location expenses,
  • and annual profit.

You will need to understand these numbers and how to use them. That’s why every report also comes with two more essential documents:

The Future Restaurateur’s Guide to the Numbers This helpful guide follows along with your custom financial reports explaining all the financial and restaurant concepts so you can understand what it all means.

Custom Assessment and Recommendations Our experienced restaurant consultants review all of your reports and suggest changes that fit your concept to help you achieve the best results.